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This month we are featuring a special on the Ergonomic Power Plunger! 

Ergonomic  Power Plunger

Ergonomic design maximizes applied force while maintaining ease and longevity of use. Overmolded rubber handle for easy grip, 21" plastic handle is non‑absorbent and more sanitary than wood handles.




Entrance Mats
(colors burgundy and green). In order to receive special pricing you must first email or call us before placing your order.


The use of entry mats and the benefits that comes along with using them haven't exactly been heralded and haven't exactly received accolades of praise and thanks from all those who are actually experiencing their benefits. This is because the benefits that they are able to give anyone who uses them are really great benefits that cannot be done by any other cleaning accessory without exerting much of an effort.



Their benefits are the following:

1. The most obvious benefit when using entrance mats is, of course, its ability to keep the place clean. A lot of cleaning accessories do keep the place clean, but nothing works more efficiently than entry mats since just having them in strategic places would keep dirt, dust, and grime at bay.

2. Entrance Matting also make sure that diseases and allergies brought about by dirt are prevented at all times.These diseases can range from simple allergies to more complicated ones.

3. Entry mats, especially if they are made of great-quality rubber, make all types of flooring, especially during the rainy season, slip-proof. This minimized the risk of accidents.

4. You will be able to create a great impression on your guests when you use entrance mats, especially if you have them custom-made.

Whatever you do and wherever you are, make sure that you make entrance mats among the list of your topmost needs in keeping any place clean.

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  • Estimated cost of removing a single pound of dirt from a building is $600.00. (International Sanitary Supply Association)
  • 70-80 % of dust, grime, and dirt in a building is tracked in from the outside on peoples feet - permanently damaging floors and carpets. (Institute of Industrial Launderers)
  • One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week - twice that in inclement weather.
  • 86 billion pounds of dust settles over the U.S. each year. (Discovery Magazine)
  • American Business are spending up to $100 billion a year as a result of lost worker productivity due to poor indoor air quality and "sick building syndrome". (Consumer Federation of America)
  • 91% of shoppers select a store because of its appearance. (Progressive Grocer)
  • When asked, "What's the first thing you look at when judging cleanliness?", the most popular response of consumers was "Floors" (42%). (CDI Research, 1991)
  • Without entrance matting, 1500 people can remove 42% of the finish from a floor. (3M)

Slip and Fall Facts

  • Over 30% of worker injuries are slip related.
    (Wausau Insurance Co.)
  • Falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths and percentage-wise, it is growing 3 times faster than any other cause. (National Safety Council)
  • The average cost of a slip related injury exceeds $12,000.00. (Wausau Insurance Co.)
  • In the U.S. each year, an average of 7.75 claims per 1 million supermarket customers are filed due to slips and falls. (Foodmarketing Institute)