Click here to view our "Trash Liner Size Chart" that will help you determine exactly what size liner is needed to fit your specific container. (will open up in new window)

If you are unsure about what plastic types are recyclable and what types are not, download our Recycling Codes Chart in PDF. Download Here.

Every building is different when it comes to what type of mat to use and where to place them in your facility. Click here to view our mat placement guide.

Click here for a comprehensive consumer guide to energy efficient housing and "green mortgages". Know what EEMs are, how they work. (will open up in new window)

More Resources

  • Trash Liners 101 - It's important to know a little bit about what can liners are actually made of, and how thicknesses are measured. That way you can determine which of the polyethylene resins and liner gauges will work best for your particular application.
  • Mat Tips 101 - Things you need to know about the benefits of having mats placed in designated areas of your facility. Help improve the look of your business and learn how you can save money doing so.

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